Recent Projects



A customer of ours came and picked out a Catalpa Slab

for his son Mark's 4-H project.

The young man's proud (rightfully so) grandfather was kind

enough to send the below picture of the centerpiece

that Mark created from the Catalpa Slab on their CNC.

What an absolutely stunning job he did!

Congrats Mark!! 









One of our fabulous customers picked out and purchased a Hickory Slab.

The intended use was a vanity top.

The end result is stunning!

Thank you Donn for sharing!





We have this gorgeous chest made of Walnut & Cherry that measures 28" tall x 22" wide x 48" long.

A great accent piece as well as being functional.

Asking $1200


Chest 1



Chest 2


Chest 3


Chest 4





We made this bench seat for a customer and they decided to go with concrete instead. So now we have this unbelievable bench seat, which would also work as a countertop or bar top.

A lot of time went into making this beautiful and unique item.

Made of White Oak with several coats of spar varnish for use indoor or outdoor.

It measures 2 1/4" thick, 18" wide and 75 1/4" outside radius

(150 1/2" diameter - outside corner to outside corner)

This could be customized to meet your specifications.

A great value at $3800.00


Bench Seat





Ambrosia Maple Slab

We would like to extend our sincerest thanks to Theresa who purchased this beautiful slab

of Ambrosia Maple from us and was kind enough to share a picture

of the finished product and some words of encouragement......


"I wanted to share with you a picture of what we had made with the slab of soft maple John dug out for me.  Also, the carpenter we had put this table together said he tested the moisture content and it was 9%; perfect for furniture.  I want to tell you that since I had not purchased lumber like this before and I very much appreciate the fact that it was exactly as it was presented to me.  You could have told me about anything and I wouldn't know the difference.  So your honesty and integrity are much appreciated.  Everyone who comes into our home asks about where we got the table and I tell them the story of how John had a broken shoulder and the wood was buried in a big stack and he dug it out and planed it down for me while I waited.  We are spreading the word about Carson's Lumbermill."

"Anyway, I wanted to let you know the project was a resounding success.  Hope you are all well.  Keep up the good work!"

Theresa Rork






White Oak 


Below are BEFORE and AFTER pictures of a restoration project in Oakland, CA.

We have sent them two shipments of Select Grade White Oak Flooring and are working on the third.


This old church is absolutely stunning!


Kidson land before


Kidson land1


Kidson land2






These pictures were sent to us from one of our awesome customers.

This is Cabin Grade Hickory Flooring in Random Widths of 3"/4"/5"

They sent us these pictures before they put a finish on it.

We were highly impressed with the unique way they installed this on the stairs.

We thank them for allowing us to share their pictures!


















Below is a lectern that was made for a local hospital.

A very unique design using maple and cherry.

Lectern 2            Lectern 3



A huge Thank You goes out to Doug & Marianne Sandhage for taking the time to send us some pictures and giving us permission to post them here on the website.  These pictures are of the hickory floor that Carson's Lumbermill made for their beautiful home in Cincinnati.   We are so glad that they are happy with the finished product.


"I stand ready to recommend you as soon and as often as I know someone who can benefit from your craft."

Doug & Marianne Sandhage, February 9, 2015


DSC_0001 Web


DSC_0002 Web


DSC_0003 Web


DSC_0004 Web


DSC_0005 Web


DSC_0006 Web


DSC_0007 Web


DSC_0009 Web


DSC_0011 Web


DSC_0018 Web

I recently delivered to them a mantle, shelving, desk top and drawer fronts that they had requested.  They graciously invited me into their home to see their floor after installation.



Thank you again Mr. & Mrs. Sandhage!!!!!





This is a wagon that was built for a client in the Fall of 2014

Made of Red Oak

Seats 8 Adults

Can be used for Hay Rides, Shuttles, Parades, Weddings, etc.

(Kids love it too!) 

Built on a 3,000 lb capacity wagon frame


This was the first wagon that we built.  We've since completed a second wagon made of Walnut and White Oak for our own personal use.  A third wagon is in the works for another client and is going to be baseball themed.

(Thank you, Jerry Gibson, for your dedication to quality craftsmanship!)



Wagon 2

Wagon 4 2


Wagon 5


Wagon 9


Wagon Seat 2 2


Wagon Side


Wagon Trailer


Wagon Wheel